Media Diary

I am not really into the media scene big time I should say, however I have noticed over the past few days that I do use my phone a lot. I love texting, talking and using my phone to access my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Facebook is the main account I access on a regular basis. I am attempting to get into Twitter and Instagram, however its a very slow transition.

For me the average day of media consist of me waking up at 5am I am awaken by an alarm on my media device (cell phone) as well as a call from my pops. Next I get up turn on one of my many media devices such as my radio, ipod, iphone, or listen to the music on my galaxy to get my morning started and get in the swing of things. By this time my email alerts are going off on my phone, so I check them and delete them there mostly advertisements I can care less about.

Facebook is my next focus, I get on to facebook as I walk to turn on the shower and back to my room to grab my clothes. I sit on the edge of my bed and read all the updated post that were not there last night or early in the morning. I put that on pause, turn on the music and turn it up so I can hear it in the shower. Get out the shower listen and dance as I brush my teeth and do my hair. Go back to my room turn off my phones music and listen to my ipods music as I get dressed. Get dressed post a good morning have a blessed day status on facebook, grab my ear buds and head out the door.
luv fb

I listen to music all the way until I get to school and continue to listen as I am at school, unless I run into someone and begin to have a interpersonal conversation or group conversation either one just depends on who all I meet up with. One of my associates is a music producer so he is always having me listen to his new beats or music on his tablet. From there my media venture goes to the tech lab where I sign into a computer and begin to do any homework I was unable to complete or next assignments. In doing this I find that I use Google a lot,, and CCD Connect. I never realized how great of a intake of media I use a day until this. My Facebook intake is off the chain. So is my media music listening intake.  Media really is apart of my everyday life regardless if I notice it or not.


My television intake isnt as great as my texting or facebook intake simply because all the shows I normally watch seasons are over at the moment but if they were not off season then I would faithfully be watching True Blood every sunday at 8:00pm, I would be watching The Secret Life Of An American Teenager, Teen Wolf every Thursday night at 9:00pm OH! and I love The Golden Girls.  Other then that I don’t really watch much television.

I use media at work when using the cash register and credit card machine, when playing a cd for a customer, when working the tv to play a dvd for a customer, also when answering the business line at work. All this is media use. I engage in many interpersonal conversations when communicating with customers even group conversations. I have many intrapersonal conversations with myself while at work and at home. Even at school I carry on conversations with myself, some find it odd but to me it’s normal I have been doing it my whole life I assume


3 thoughts on “Media Diary

  1. I find it interesting that most of us are watching less TV even though we are becoming more technologically advanced. It is kind of the opposite effect that I would have thought if you would have asked me 10 years ago.

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